Can Anxiety And/Or Depression Qualify Someone For Social Security Disability?

We know that 40 million of our fellow Americans suffer from a form of mental illness. Most of these suffer from a mood disorder. Some mood disorders are very mild and can be lived with. However, some cases are far more severe and leave people unable to look after themselves or others properly. As such, mood disorders can be hugely debilitating. If you have no control over your emotions and feelings, leading a normal life is impossible. Holding down a job would be completely impossible too. Some of the financial strain may be alleviated in these cases through Social Security Disability (SSD) payments. However, it is also important to understand that your eligibility for the payments depends on a huge range of factors.

Unfortunately, being able to prove that a mood disorder makes you unable to work is very difficult. When you get assessed, you will be referred to a list of impairments that has been designed by the Social Security Administration. Depression and Bipolar Disorder are listed on here, for instance. A number of qualifying criteria are also listed next to each of the mood disorders. Qualifying for SSD generally means that you have to meet all of the criteria that are listed on there. The list is huge and you will generally find that your case becomes stronger as you meet more of the criteria, so do make sure you look through them properly.

However, perhaps you do not actually meet each of the criteria. Or maybe the mood disorder that you suffer from may not be listed. It is sometimes still possible to receive SSD in these cases, but proving this will be a lot more difficult. To do this, you will need to have a lot of medical evidence that will support your claim. Things that will go in your favor include your entire medical history, any psychiatric evaluations and therapy sessions. You will also find it useful to bring along professional statements. It is also generally recommended to work with an SSD attorney in these cases. If you have been denied a claim, you can also contact these in order to appeal the decision. Unfortunately, these situations cause a great deal of stress and this is something people with mood disorders find very difficult to cope with. Unfortunately, however, there is nothing that can be done about the red tape within the SSD department, and the rules must be followed. However, if you are unable to work due to your mood disorder, then you should try to apply for SSD, regardless of how difficult it may be.