What Sorts Of Legal Cases Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

Generally speaking, people think personal injury cases are always around some sort of traffic accident. Personal injury lawyers do indeed work with many of these types of cases, but they also deal with a variety of other types of work. The majority of personal injury lawyers only deal with one area of law, but some have expanded into other forms of tort law. Tort law describes all civil wrong and wrongful acts that have caused personal injury to someone, be that accidentally or deliberately. For this reason, a personal injury lawyer can actually handle a huge range of cases. Understanding this is very important, because if you have suffered from some sort of personal injury, there is a big chance that you are entitled to some form of compensation. Hence, let’s explore the various areas of work that personal injury lawyers are involved in.

Firstly, personal injury lawyers deal with dog and other animal bites. A lot of other cases revolve around slips, trips and falls. Slips, trips and falls are in fact so common that most business spend a lot of their health and safety budget on trying to avoid them. This is also because the resulting injury from these accidents can be very significant. A personal injury lawyer often works in the field of work related injuries. There are many work related injuries, including such things as hearing loss or asbestos exposure. Personal injury lawyers also work around injuries that are caused by faulty products. Personal injury lawyers also represent cases of medical malpractice, although they usually don’t work in other areas of law, due to the fact that this is such a complicated issue. This is often because medical malpractice cases take up a huge deal of time and effort, and because they rarely get won, even if they should. Many people believe that the medical industry simply cannot be taken on. Also, the reality is that it is likely that the majority of malpractice cases go undetected, due to the fact that the patient will have died.

Other cases that these lawyers are likely to take on revolved around assault. Sometimes, this goes further and becomes a case of battery. There are also increasing numbers of cases of sports injuries that personal injury lawyers deal with. They will also take on cases of wrongful death, usually on behalf of the surviving next of kin. They also more and more frequently work with cases of bullying – causing emotional distress intentionally. There are various other cases as well, although these are usually related to personal injury sustained by breaching other areas of law (for instance fraud).