The Importance Of Avoiding Texting While Driving

Due to its cheapness and the convenience it offers, there are many who find texting to be a great communication method. If you are using texting as your primary means of contacting family, friends and colleagues, then you should make sure that you are aware of its drawbacks. One drawback you should know about is that texting can sometimes lead to compromised safety. Since texting involves concentrating on reading or typing out a message, juggling the task with another could lead to making mistakes or getting into an incident. It’s one thing to trip on your feet when you attempt to make a text as you walk, but it’s another when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. The number of vehicular accidents due to texting is alarming and it’s important that you know that texting while you drive could put your life or the life of your loved ones in danger.

There are many who consider texting to be a simple task, but when you take the time to look at the screen to either read a message or type text, those are precious seconds that your eyes are off the road. Even reaching for your phone as you drive diverts your attention momentarily. If you think that your powers of concentration allows you to safely text and drive at the same time, don’t be confident in thinking that you can react in a timely manner to avoid a possible accident. When you are distracted, your reflexes will definitely be compromised and you could be too late in avoiding accidents. The percentage of vehicular accidents as a result of using cell phones is rising and you don’t want to be a part of that statistic.

One of the tips you should pay heed to is to keep you hands off your phone while driving until you reach your destination. Keeping the phone away from your view could also help, lessening your chances of getting distracted during the drive. If you hear the text alert tone, ignore it and keep on driving. Don’t worry too much about missing emergency notices, because you are more likely to receive a call in such cases rather than a text message. If there’s no way to avoid answering a call, however, you should make sure that you stop and pull over so that you can safely answer the call. If you have passengers with you, then you can assign a designated texter who can hold your phone and reply to important text messages for you instead.